Wall Tie Replacement

Wall ties form an integral part to a properties structure and are often overlooked as they are hidden within the cavity. the purpose of a wall tie is to tie the internal wall to the external wall as they span the cavity.

As most masonry materials are porous it is often the case that the wall ties have corroded causing them to expand up to five times the original size, this expansion causes cracks along the walls and can significantly weaken the strength and stability of the cavity wall. In some cases wall ties have been so badly corroded that the external walls have peeled off and fallen to the ground.

At MGC Services we have fully qualified WTIF Accredited wall tie surveyors and the highly experienced teams of technicians that carry out the work. Each individual job is fully backed by a 25-year WTIF (Wall Tie Installers Federation) guarantee certificate.

Before & After

Images showing the process of replacing remedial wall ties and the finished result.

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